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The Kansas Hospital Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization existing to provide leadership and services to member hospitals. KHA is the lead organization in a group of companies and affiliates that provides a wide array of services to the hospitals of Kansas and the Midwest region.

The hospitals of Kansas founded the Kansas Hospital Association in 1910 to improve hospital care through the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Over the years, the Association has provided its membership with opportunities to share information, receive continuing education and develop approaches to legislative and regulatory reforms.

VISION: An organization of hospitals working together to improve access, quality and the affordability of health care for all Kansans.

MISSION: To be the voice and resource for community-based hospitals by meeting member needs for advocacy and service.

VALUES: Service to Members ... Equal Representation ... Visionary Leadership ... Ethics, Honesty and Integrity

KHA Bylaws: These bylaws were approved March 23, 2011, by the KHA Board of Directors.

KHA Family of Organizations 

The Kansas Hospital Association is comprised of a number of related or affiliated organizations that provide varying services for KHA members and other regional health care organizations. Included in this group are:

The Health Alliance of MidAmerica (The Alliance), a Delaware-limited liability company, was formed in 1999. It has two members: the Kansas Hospital Association and the Missouri Hospital Association. The Alliance's mission is to deliver superior service and value to affiliated health associations and their members. The Alliance is governed by a board of directors. Members choose these directors from their respective association members. Associated Purchasing Services Corp. is a subsidiary of The Alliance and utilizes KHA staff to complete its operations.

The Kansas City Metropolitan Healthcare Council (KCMHC) is a policy division of The Health Alliance of MidAmerica. The Council, formerly known as the Greater Kansas City Health Council, works with local hospitals on areas of collective interest.

The Health Alliance of Kansas (HAKs), a Kansas-limited liability company, was formed in 1998. It has two members: the Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Association for Homes and Services for the Aging. HAKs' primary purpose is to engage in the ownership and operation of real estate. The Company also will engage in activities that will generally promote the activities of the Company's members in the areas of education, shared services, group purchasing, public relations, public policy and any other areas that are determined to be in the interests of the Company's members. An Executive Committee of ten (10) members, five of which are appointed by each of the two members, governs HAKs. 

The KHA Annual STAT Report is full of hospital and health care statistics and analytical explanations. It includes the KHA Annual Report and sections on hospital characteristics, utilization, workforce and finances. The STAT Book is available in hard copy or as an online tool.  

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