Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange - HIE

The primary goal of health information exchange is to enable health care stakeholders to share data for coordinating patient care and to support public entities in achieving their population health goals. More specifically, this process will enable stakeholders to focus on developing medical homes for Kansans and on utilizing the chronic care model to address identified disease conditions.
Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Health Information Technology Exchange Act

The Kansas Health Information Technology and Exchange Act harmonizes Kansas health information laws with federal HIPAA privacy and security rules in preparation for the exchange of confidential clinical information contained in electronic health records. The proposal eliminates a significant barrier to the broad use of technological advancements supporting the appropriate and secure collection, use and exchange of protected health information. The Act will greatly assist the Kansas Health Information Exchange, Inc., which is charged with overseeing the development of a statewide health information exchange. Concerns about conflicting state and federal privacy laws would have been a major barrier for physicians and hospitals otherwise interested in joining the information exchange.

A User's Guide to the Kansas Health Information and Technology Exchange Act 12.1.11

Kansas Health Information Exchange KHIE

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the state designee for health information technology, is facilitating the creation of strategic and operational plans for a statewide infrastructure for health information exchange.

KHIE Policies

Spanish Version of the KHIE NPP Wording and the Notice Poster

Local Initiatives

The Kansas Health Information Network is a collaboration of KHA, KMS and the Wichita Health Information Exchange to provide a common technology platform for all Kansas and Western Missouri providers.

The Louis and Clark Information Exchange is wholly owned by Heartland Health System in St Joseph, Missouri. LACIE serves hospitals and providers in a 21-county area of NW Missouri, NE Kansas and SW Nebraska.

Health Information Exchange in surrounding states: Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado

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