HKH Toolkit 2


HKH Toolkit 2
File icon01L - Toolkit Cover Letter.pdf
Size: 113 KB
Toolkit #2 Cover Letter - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon02L - Model Policy Template.doc
Size: 689 KB
Model Policy Template - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon03L - Sample Letter to the Editor.doc
Size: 142 KB
Sample Letter to the Editor - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon04R - What Approach Is Right.pdf
Size: 691 KB
Healthy Food and Beverages - What Approach Is Right for Your Hospital? - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon05R - Nutition Labeling.pdf
Size: 702 KB
Nutritional Labeling for Menus - Why and How - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon06R - Why is Sodium Bad.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Why Is Sodium Bad - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon07R - Keeping it Fresh and Local.pdf
Size: 1 MB
Keeping It Fresh and Local - Farm to Hospital Initiatives - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon08R - Vending and Procurement.pdf
Size: 2 MB
Developing Effect Food and Beverage Vending and Procurement Policies - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
File icon09R - Healthy Salad Tips.pdf
Size: 87 KB
Tips for Building a Healthy Salad - Healthy Kansas Hospitals
For more information on this meeting, contact Steve Poage ( or Ronni Anderson ( at (785) 233-7436.
Please join us for a Noon Briefing on Wednesday, Aug. 15, when we will unveil these new forms and provide instructions on how to complete them. Speakers for this webinar include Deborah Stern, senior vice president of clinical services and general counsel, KHA Anne Kindling, former manager of risk management, Stormont Vail Health Kendra Baldridge, director bureau of community health systems, KDHE and Jim Perkins, director health facilities, KDHE.
Please join us for a webinar hosted by the Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Medical Society on Thursday, Aug. 16 from 3:00 until 4:00 p.m. to hear from Aetna staff regarding their plans for contracting with providers, networks, credentialing, outreach, and other critical topics important to the successful implementation of their new health plan into KanCare.
For more information, contact Ronni Anderson at (785) 233-7436 or
This seminar will be appropriate for any board member or hospital administrator, and will be offered six times for convenience, each seminar will cover the same material.Locations and Dates:Wichita - June 27Garden City - June 28Parsons - July 19Topeka - Aug. 17Salina - Oct. 17Colby - Oct. 18