Community Hospitals by Bed Size


Community Hospitals by Bed Size


Based on statistics published in the 2015 Edition of the American Hospital Association Hospital Statistics, eighty-one percent of the community hospitals in Kansas have fewer than 100 staffed beds. Comparably, the midwest* region (73 percent) and the nation (52 percent) have a smaller proportion of hospitals within this category.

A majority of hospitals in Kansas and the midwest are located in rural areas, 74 percent and 67 percent respectively. Meanwhile, 40 percent of the hospitals nationally are located in a rural setting.

The expense per capita is slightly lower in Kansas $2,286, as compared to $2,853, in the West North Central Census Division VI* and $2,474 in the nation. Community hospitals include institutions that are nonfederal, short-term and general, as well as other specialty hospitals whose facilities are open to the public. Not included in the community hospital category are hospital units of institutions, long-term care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, federal hospitals, and alcoholism and chemical dependency facilities.

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*West North Central Census Division VI statistics includes data
from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota
and South Dakota.

American Hospital Association, Hospital Statistics 2015.