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LCC Forms New Committee to Look at Federal Vaccine Mandates
COVID19 Vaccine (Sept. 23, 2021) – Today, the Legislative Coordinating Council, made up of legislative leadership established a special committee to review government actions related to COVID-19 mandates and the recent federal vaccine requirement. While the official committee charge will be set by House and Senate leadership, the committee is to begin meeting to determine what the state can do in response to recent federal vaccine mandates. The committee will meet for up to five days and will have 11 members, five members from the Senate and six from the House to be appointed by the Senate President and House Speaker.

The LCC committee discussion referenced a recent call from some state legislators to return for a special session to address similar issues. The committee further discussed short-term options for the SPARK committee to ensure state expenditures will not be used to enforce mandates, provide assistance to the state’s Attorney General and other options.