TikTok Contest
Health Care Professional*

By agreeing to the terms listed below and submitting my information, I hereby give permission for The Kansas Hospital Association (KHA), as well as all members and their marketing partner, Dobies Health Marketing, to publish and/or share in whole or in part the video/audio footage I am submitting to this website for an unlimited time in any product or use. I also grant permission for the Kansas Hospital Association to tag me and/or my institution when sharing my video on social media. In the event a media representative picks up my video, I agree to be available for interviews with the respective media outlets to the extent that my institution allows.

I agree this video content is “family friendly” (no profanity or adult content), does not divulge any patient identities or information, and aims to help others see the value of working in health care. I also agree this video is solely my own and does not necessarily represent the views and perspectives of my school, and or, employer.

I understand the footage submitted and final recording will be stored by Dobies Health Marketing for a period of at least five years.

I acknowledge I am aged 13 years or older.