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Tools and Resources
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The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas 1,2,3.pdf
Size: 50.29 KB
2017 Legislative Resource
Restore, Reform, Expand 1,2,3.pdf
Size: 87.50 KB
2017 Legislative Resource
KHA KanCare Expansion Financial Infographic 3-27-17.pdf
Size: 418.40 KB
2017 Legislative Resource updated - 3-27-17
Understanding KanCare Report Brief Nov. 2016.pdf
Size: 543.16 KB
Understanding KanCare’s continuing challenges and how these challenges impact the program’s ability to meet its original rationale and commitments - Leavitt Partners -Nov. 2016
Understanding KanCare Full Final Report Nov. 2016.pdf
Size: 2.66 MB
Understanding KanCare’s continuing challenges and how these challenges impact the program’s ability to meet its original rationale and commitments - Leavitt Partners - Nov. 2016
Kansas Statewide Public Opinion Poll Februrary 2016.pdf
Size: 529.90 KB
February 2016 Public Opinion Poll - PowerPoint Presentation - Supplementary Graphs
February 2016 Kansas Statewide Survey Results.pdf
Size: 16.99 KB
Key findings from a statewide survey of 500 likely voters in Kansas, conducted February 18-21, 2016, by Public Opinion Strategies.
The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas 2017 Talking Points - 01-26-17.pdf
Size: 229.52 KB
Updated 1-26-17
The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas Legislative Brief 2017.pdf
Size: 340.80 KB
FACT vs MYTH 2017 The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas_1-26-17.pdf
Size: 157.70 KB
Facts and Myths about a Kansas health care coverage solution, The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas. 1-26-17
The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas PowerPoint - customizable April 2016.pptx
Size: 2.23 MB
Customizable PowerPoint presentation highlighting Keeping Kansas Dollars in Kansas with a Unique Kansas Solution .... The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas - April 21, 2016
KHA Member Radio Scripts 2016.pdf
Size: 126.48 KB
Radio Scripts for member customization. 2016
Expanding KanCare with The Bridget to a Healthy Kansas.
Estimated Costs and Savings Revenues - The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas.pdf
Size: 68.39 KB
2-11-16 - Estimated Costs and Savings/Revenues Upon Implementation of The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas
Budget Impact KanCare Expansion - Manatt.pdf
Size: 488.00 KB
Prepared by Manatt Health for the Kansas Grantmakers in Health - December 2015
Revenue Impact By Hospital - KDHE vs KHA.pdf
Size: 88.68 KB
In March 2015, KDHE and KHA provided updated numbers on the impact of KanCare expansion by hospital. This chart demonstrates the by‐hospital data.
Annual Impact of KanCare Expansion - Kansas.pdf
Size: 112.37 KB
January 2016
KanCare Expansion Radio Scripts FINAL.pdf
Size: 184.11 KB
Scripts for :30 and :60 second radio advertisements.
Making a Decision on Expanding KanCare Brief - Nov. 2014.pdf
Size: 358.61 KB
Two-page Summary Brief on the economic and employment effects of expanding KanCare.
Economic and Employment Effects of Expanding KanCare - Nov. 2014.pdf
Size: 726.14 KB
Analyses by the Center for Health Policy Research at George Washington University and Regional Economic Models, Inc. The report indicates that not expanding KanCare is already hindering job creation and economic growth for 2014 and 2015 because Kansas is not capturing hundreds of millions in federal matching dollars that would otherwise flow into the state economy to make expansions more affordable.
Makes Good Sense KanCareBrochure 2014.pdf
Size: 191.63 KB
Expanding KanCare Makes Good Sense - Brochure for use with local businesses and Chambers of Commerce - July 2014
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For more information on the KHSC Board Meeting, contact Steve Poage at (785) 233-7436 or
KHA has a 21-member Board of Directors. They meet five times a year. Each board member holds three-year terms, with a two-term limit. The Board has a composition of members from all geographic areas of Kansas all sizes and types of member hospitals are represented. The Board also includes a hospital trustee and physician member. Other participants include AHA Delegates, Council Chairs and Allied Organizations.
Emails will be sent to members or check out our new Facebook page for details:
KAMSS Annual Conference. For more information, contact Ronni Anderson at (785) 233-7436 or
The Kansas Hospital Association is hosting a three-part management development webinar series that will take place over several months. This webinar series will provide new and more experienced managers with the nuts and bolts of management.