Plan to Attend the 2015 KHA Annual Convention and Trade Show
September 10-11, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel - Century II - Wichita, KS



David Frum    
Health Care and the 2016 Election

Shawn Achor    
The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance

Marty Makary, MD
Modern Medicine's Transparency Revolution

Nicolas Webb
The Future Calls for Disruptive Innovation

Tiffany Christensen
Partnering with Patients: A Bed's Eye View of Safety

Jeff Havens
Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!

Future Convention Dates

2016 --- Sept. 8-9 Overland Park
2017 --- Sept. 7-8 Wichita
2018 --- Sept. 6-7 Overland Park

For more information or to register, contact Jan Fenwick at or (785) 233-7436.
Join us for a webinar from 2-3 p.m. on June 10, where the presenters will focus on healthy food education and food choices.
For more information regarding the KAMSS Educational Program, contact Jennifer Findley ( or Chrisy Madden ( at (785) 233-7436.
For more information on this program, contact Chrisy Madden at (785) 233-7436 or
For more information regarding this event, contact Chrisy Madden at (785) 233-7436 or