Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators

The Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators is a group of health care communications professionals dedicated to improving communication with our communities, health care employees, physicians, media and more. KAHCC provides the following benefits for new and experienced communication professionals: two educational seminars; networking with peers; membership directory; and online list serve.

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Membership in KAHCC

For minimal dues, membership in KAHCC provides many benefits for the new and the experienced communication professional:  

  • Two conferences are offered each year, one in the spring, and one in conjunction with the Kansas Hospital Association convention in November;
  • Emerald Awards Program, which gives members an opportunity to have communication projects critiqued by a panel of judges;
  • Log on to the KAHCC Web page to view information on programs and educational meetings, an online membership directory and much more.
  • Networking opportunities with peers across the state;
  • Getting acquainted with other KAHCC members is easier than ever with the KAHCC membership directory. The directory contains information on each member, including photos when available.
  • Online list-serv for members to e-mail other members with questions they may, share ideas and information. To learn more about the KAHCC group, visit yahoogroups

 KAHCC Offers Three Levels of Membership

  • ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP ($40 per year): Employees of Kansas health care organizations who are responsible for developing, administering and implementing public relations/communications/marketing programs.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP ($50 per year): Individuals who work as consultants, employees or agency representatives for businesses that serve health care organizations.
  • STUDENT MEMBERSHIP ($5 per year): Individuals actively pursuing a degree in public relations, communications, marketing, etc.

KAHCC membership runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Membership for 2014 is already underway, so if you have not sent in your 2014 KAHCC dues, please do so as soon as possible. If you have questions regarding KAHCC, contact: 2015 KAHCC President Tami Motley at (316) 354-5824; or contact KHA Liaison Cindy Samuelson at (785) 233-7436. 

KAHCC Mission Statement

The Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators (KAHCC), an allied organization of the Kansas Hospital Association, is a voluntary, non-profit organization, which exists to encourage the highest standards of practice in health care communications. The Association's mission can best be accomplished by providing professional leadership, educational opportunities and the exchange of information concerning matters of communications policies, practices and procedures.

KAHCC Board, Membership and Bylaws 

For more information on this program, contact Sally Perkins at (785) 233-7436 or sperkins@kha-net.org.
For more information regarding this event, contact Tish Hollingsworth at (785) 233-7436 or thollingsworth@kha-net.org.
For more information or to register, contact Jan Fenwick at jfenwick@kha-net.org or (785) 233-7436.
For more information on this meeting, contact Susan Cunningham at (785) 233-7436 or scunningham@kha-net.org.
For more information regarding this webinar, contact Tish Hollingsworth at (785) 233-7436 or thollingsworth@kha-net.org.