Charles S. Billings Award

2023 Charles S. Billings Recipient

Who Is Charles S. Billings

In 1939, Charles S. Billings began serving as the Kansas Hospital Association's first president. Billings served in this role until he retired from KHA in 1962. In 1971, the Charles S. Billings Award was established to honor Billings' dedication and years of service to Kansans. His character inspired the inscription on the award, which reads, "For distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the health care of Kansans." KHA reserves this award for those who have truly shown their commitment, leadership and dedication to that noble pursuit.

Purpose of the Award

The Billings Award is the top honor given by KHA. Individuals are recognized as hospital leaders who have dedicated their working lives to hospitals and health care. The award recognizes a hospital leader for his or her lifetime of service and continuing contribution to the health care of Kansas.


Nominees should demonstrate the following characteristics: Commitment and excellence in service to Kansas hospitals; Leadership on a local, state and national level; and Service to Kansas hospitals through KHA board, council and/or committee participation.


Nominations are submitted online and are reviewed by a committee of past Billings Award recipients. The committee may recommend multiple or no awards be given. The committee’s recommendation is presented to the Executive Committee of the KHA Board of Directors for approval.

Award Presentation and Recognition

In recognition for distinguished service and outstanding contributions to the health care of Kansans, the awardee(s) will be honored by: Receipt of the Charles S. Billings Award; A video tribute at the Kansas Hospital Association Annual Convention; Coverage in KHA publications and on the KHA Web site; and Media announcements of the award.


Nominations will be accepted online until 11:59 p.m. on June 1. For additional information, call KHA at (785) 233-7436.

Key Dates

  • April – Call for nominations
  • June 1 – Nominations are due
  • June – Nominations reviewed by committee
  • July – Recommendation presented to the Executive Committee for approval
  • September – Awardee(s) honored at KHA Annual Convention

Materials to Be Submitted

All nominations must be submitted electronically.

Questions on the online nomination form:

  1. Summary of nominee’s commitment and excellence in service to Kansas hospitals.  (250 words or less)
  2. Examples of nominee’s leadership in health care on a local, state and national level.  (250 words or less)
  3. Examples of nominee’s service to the Kansas Hospital Association. Include participation on KHA boards, councils and/or committees. (250 words or less)
  4. Other activities or reasons why this nominee should be considered.  (250 words or less)

We would suggest filling out answers to these questions in advance and then pasting them into the online form. If you have any difficulty with the online form emailed