KHA District Meetings

KHA Districts

The KHA Board has divided the state into geographical areas for the purpose of facilitating the work of the association. District Meetings occur during the spring and fall of each year for the purpose of facilitating the work and objectives of the Association and discussing current issues.

File iconFinal Handouts.pdf
Size: 9 MB
KHA Spring District Meetings 2023 Slides for Website.
File iconVIRTUAL District Meeting Agenda Spring 2023 - REVISED.pdf
Size: 258 KB
2023 KHA Spring Virtual District Meeting Agenda.
File iconDistrict Meeting Agenda Spring 2023.pdf
Size: 243 KB
The top two issues hospitals are facing, workforce and finance, are the focus of the KHA Spring District Meetings.
File iconKHA Fall District Meetings 2022 for Website.pdf
Size: 5 MB
KHA Fall District Meetings 2022 Slides for Website.
File icon2022 Fall District Meeting Resources.pdf
Size: 592 KB
2022 Virtual District Meeting Resources.
File iconKHA Spring District Meetings 2022 - Virtual Handouts.pdf
Size: 6 MB
2022 Spring District Meeting Slides.
File iconCOVID-19 District Meeting Protocols.pdf
Size: 83 KB
Protocols for the Fall District meetings. Member safety is our priority.
File iconKHADistrictMap.pdf
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KHA District Map