Federal Issues
File iconCQ Omnibus Fact Sheet.pdf
Size: 537 KB
Shared in the KHA Federal Advocate 12-23-22.
File iconAHA Omnibus Bulletin.pdf
Size: 511 KB
Shared in KHA Federal Advocate 12-23-22.
File iconCongressional Visit Talking Points Updated 8-16-2022.pdf
Size: 88 KB
Congressional Visit Talking Points - Updated Aug. 16
File iconFinal 6-24-2022.pdf
Size: 150 KB
Supreme Court Overturns Roe v Wade
File iconKHA Sequestration 06-06-22.pdf
Size: 69 KB
KHA Sequestration Letter - June 2022
File iconKHA Federal Activity Tracking 3-31-2022.pdf
Size: 81 KB
KHA Federal Activity Tracking - Updated March 31
File iconKHA Quarterly Communication - 4-1-2022.pdf
Size: 61 KB
KHA Quarterly Communication - April 1, 2022
File iconKHA Federal Legislative Priorities -Printer Friendly Version.pdf
Size: 2 MB
KHA Federal Legislative Priorities - 2022
File iconNurse Staffing Agency Letter 1.10.22.pdf
Size: 303 KB
Staffing Agency Letter La Turner and Davids to the COVID-19 Response team Coordinator
File iconNurse Staffing Letter to GAO_FINAL.pdf
Size: 328 KB
Staffing Letter to Government Accountability Office from Tracey Mann - 2-2-22