Quality Resources
File iconFTI Facts Sheet.Enrollment.2021.pdf
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Fourth Trimester Initiative Fact Sheet
File iconKFMC Open Office Hours.pdf
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For more information, see the Jan. 15, Current Report article entitled KFMC Offers Open Office Hours to Support Infection Prevention in LTCFs.
File iconLTC ASP Toolkit - Final Linked Version.pdf
Size: 8 MB
See the Oct. 18 issue of Current Report article entitled New Free Resource: Long-Term Care Facility Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Start-Up Toolkit!
File iconAge-Friendly_2Pager_Fall2019.pdf
Size: 1 MB
See Sept. 13 Current Report article entitled AHA Age-Friendly Initiative Recruitment and Resources.
File iconCMS Star Ratings Proposed Changes Comments KHA 03 29 19.pdf
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KHA's March 2019 comment letter regarding the CMS proposed changes to the Star Rating System.
File iconHospital Compare Quality Star Ratings - Background and Talking Points.pdf
Size: 426 KB
Hospital Compare Quality Star Ratings - Background and Talking Points
File iconAHA-Fact-Sheet-icd-10-code-human-trafficking.updated_1.pdf
Size: 443 KB
Fact sheet from AHA regarding human trafficking ICD 10 coding.
File iconhuman-trafficking-infographic.pdf
Size: 6 MB
AHA Human Trafficking Infographic for hospital use.
File iconBFCC-QIO Livanta Transition Provider Bulletin_05132019.pdf
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Livanta was recently named as the BFCC-QIO for Medicare Regions 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 beginning June 8, 2019.
File iconQuality Matrix 11x14 April 6 2012 FINAL.xlsx
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If you have questions regarding this document, contact Sally Othmer at (785) 233-7436 or sothmer@kha-net.org. (Updated 4-6)