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File iconBrochure 5-26-22.pdf
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Patient Experience: Making a Difference is the theme of the Quality Corner Call on May 26, 2022.
File iconKOSCP Brochure.pdf
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This conference is intended for nurses, discharge planners, swing-bed coordinators, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and other health care professionals serving seniors.
File iconEd. Webinar with Meduit Brochure 06_09_22.pdf
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This webinar examines the right mix of self-service with full-service to optimize reimbursements. While self-service patient financial engagement options are convenient, approximately 60 percent of patients who begin to use self-service technologies ultimately give up and call for assistance in either completing their payment arrangements or wanting additional information before paying.
File iconThree-Part Webinar Series Brochure.pdf
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The recent conviction of a Tennessee nurse of two felonies as a result of a fatal medication error has the health care industry examining current practices. Join us for a three-part series that will review the Tennessee case, explain how Kansas law applies, provide a panel discussion on best practices to improve system processes to prevent errors, encourage error reporting and foster a culture of safety; and hear from health law attorneys.
File iconMedicare Advantage Denial Webinar Brochure.pdf
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Learn strategies to help prevent MA denials
File icon340B Webinar Series with SUNRx.pdf
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The regulatory environment for 340B pharmacy is in a constant state of change, requiring eligible entities to be nimble and disciplined in the management of their program. Navigating the current ecosystem of 340B pricing limitations created by Big Pharma requires an understanding of the current regulatory environment. This webinar will provide insights that will support decisions that position your entity to maintain a compliant and optimized 340B pharmacy program.
File iconFour-Part Webinar Series Brochure.pdf
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COVID-19 has changed everything. As you consider planning for the future, there are many factors to take into consideration. The Kansas Hospital Association, in collaboration with 19 other state hospital associations is hosting a four-part webinar series, in partnership with Huron, on topics to take into consideration.
File iconPAMA Lab Test Private Payor Rate Reporting (June 15).pdf
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This informative webinar with an interactive Q&A session is a must-attend event for everyone in your hospital and lab team responsible for gathering, analyzing, and reporting data to CMS. You’ll get answers to your toughest questions and master the knowledge you need to report accurate and complete data on time.