Data Products and Services highlights statistics about hospitals and the health care industry in Kansas. You'll find hospital-specific information, as well as trends and analytical explanations. Reproduction of data or linking to is permitted, provided the source is cited.
Participating KHA member hospitals submit patient level inpatient and outpatient data. The submitted data is made available online through the web-based HIDI Analytic Advantage Reporting and query tool. Additionally, both inpatient and outpatient data sets are available for a processing fee. Both member and non-member data request forms which include a list of available data elements are above.

The KHA Compensation and Benefits surveys are free to participating KHA member hospitals. The KHA surveys are conducted through CompData eSurveys. and allow participating hospitals to compare their data to other hospitals and certain non-health care related companies. The Executive Compensation Survey is a confidential survey contains salary and benefit information for C-Suite positions,The Physician Compensation survey includes comprehensive pay and benefits information on 91 physician and mid-level specialties. The Workforce survey captures vacancy and turnover rates for 35 hospitals positions.Survey results are not publicly available. Access to compensation and benefit survey results is limited to those that participate in the survey.

Quality Health Indicators - QHi - QHi is a multi-state benchmarking program designed by small rural hospitals and clinics in Kansas  to evaluate and compare clinical, financial and operational performance. The Web-based tool includes a dashboard and reporting application where hospitals create self-defined peer groups for comparison. Please contact Sally Othmer or Stuart Moore for information.

Press Ganey's Quality Performer Project - The QI Project is an approved ORYX vendor that assists PPS hospitals to meet quality reporting requirements, overseeing patient care quality and identifying opportunities for improvement. Contact Dee Lewis

KHA Charge Data Report - Designed to support Charge Master Review, this analytic report compares charges on all CPT/HCPCS procedure codes. The hospital specific Excel file includes the average charges of the hospital, region and state with comparisons by hospital size and type. Sally Othmer  

Quality Health Indicators – QHi --  Hospitals and clinics benchmark against self-defined peer groups  with their choice of over 75 financial measures.  Sally Othmer

Medicare Payment and Quality Reporting Impact Reports and Summaries -  Tish Hollingsworth

The KHA Annual Survey is available online to all Kansas hospitals.

2017 AHA Survey Walk-through

2017 AHA Survey with Definitions

QHi Reps
An enterprise-wide benchmarking tool specifically designed to meet the needs of rural hospitals and clinics.