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House and Senate Work Through Bills

Kansas Statehouse Today, the House and Senate worked bills in their chambers of origin. Among the work of the House was debate on the following:

House Bill 2353, concerning the care and treatment act for mentally ill persons; increasing the time allowed for an initial continued treatment order; adding criteria to determine when outpatient treatment may be ordered. 

House Bill 2487, an act concerning crimes and punishment and criminal procedure, relating to controlled substances; providing immunity from prosecution for certain drug crimes when persons seek or provide medical assistance related to the use of a controlled substance.

House Bill 2614, an act concerning administrative rules and regulations, requiring state agencies to provide notice of revocation thereof; removing certain abolished or inactive state agencies from the five-year state agency review requirement. 

Sub for HB 2570, an act concerning employment security law; relating the definition of benefit year, temporary unemployment, wages subject to statewide average weekly wage; referencing certain new definitions s for purposes of the annual determination by the secretary of the maximum weekly benefit amount; etc. 

House Bill 2751, an act concerning the Kansas department of aging and disability services; relating to licensure of providers of disability services; authorizing the department to condition or restrict a license therefor; granting the secretary authority to grant regulation waivers unrelated to health and safety; adding a definition of day service provider; authorizing correction orders and civil fines to be appealed to the secretary.

House Bill 2484, an act concerning the behavioral sciences, relating to social work, enacting the social work licensure compact to provide interstate practice privileges, requiring applicants for social work licensure to submit to a criminal history record check; authorizing the behavioral sciences regulatory board to establish a fee for a license with compact practice privileges.

House Bill 2596, an act concerning controlled substances; adding and removing certain substances in schedules I, II, IV and V of the uniform controlled substances act; making conforming changes to the criminal code definition of fentanyl-related controlled substances.

House Bill 2579, An act concerning health professions and practices; relating to the board of emergency medical services; authorized activities; authorizing distribution of non-prescription over-the-counter medications.

House Bill 2637, An act concerning hospitals; relating to the rural emergency hospital licensure; expanding eligibility to facilities that meet criteria between January 2015 and December 2020.

House Bill 2536, An act concerning children and minors; relating to revised Kansas code for care of children; establishing SOUL family legal permanency as a permanency option for children in need of care who are 16 years of age or older, allowing courts to establish SOUL family legal permanency; defining SOUL family legal permanency.

House Bill 2547, An act concerning schools; relating to student health, authorizing the maintenance of emergency medication kits for certain life-threatening condition, requiring a prescription for distribution of emergency medication to schools; providing requirements for the administration of emergency medication by school personnel, training; exempting certain persons from the practice of healing arts and civil liability if acting in good faith.

House Bill 2629, An act concerning children and minors; relating to the state child death review board; replacing sudden infant death with sudden unexplained infant death; requiring the secretary for health and environment to provide a death certificate to the state child death review board; listing requirements for notification of a deceased child; increasing the number of members appointed by the state board of healing arts to the state child death review board; allowing for compensation for board members; providing for the disclosure of certain records to certain persons for securing grants and public officials for supplemental information to the board’s annual review.

These bills will be up for a final vote before they go to the Senate for further committee review.

The Senate debated today bills before their chamber including:

Senate Bill 423, an act concerning insurance, reducing the number of board members appointed by the commissioner on certain insurance-related governing boards and the frequency of the meetings of the committee on surety bonds and insurance.

Senate Bill 338, an act concerning insurance, relating to group-funded liability and group-funded workers compensation pools, changing certain reporting requirements.

Senate Bill 434, an act concerning public health, relating to the practice of cosmetology, exempting the practice of hair removal by sugaring from the definition of cosmetology.

Senate Bill 398, an act concerning insurance, relating to the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the commissioner of insurance; authorizing the commissioner of insurance to set the amount of certain fees; requiring the publication of such fees in the Kansas register.

These bills will have final votes and go to the House.