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Monday, Feb. 18
Senate Public Health and Welfare 8:30 am 142S
Hearing: Senate Bill 433 — Clarifying practice privileges of institutional license holders
Hearing: Senate Bill 488 — Expanding the scope of the inspector general to audit and investigate all state cash, food or health assistance programs and granting the inspector general the power to subpoena, administer oaths and execute search warrants thereto.
Hearing: Senate Bill 489 — Directing the department of corrections to establish a correctional center nursery for incarcerated expectant mothers and their child to allow certain expectant mothers to care and bond with their child for up to 36 months while incarcerated.

Senate Ways and Means 10:30 am 548S
Hearing: House Bill 2495 — Making and concerning appropriations for fiscal years 2024 and 2025, for state agencies; increasing expenditure limitations to the foregoing; funding of the fiscal year 2024 salary increase for certain state employees

Senate Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services 12:00 pm 548S
Deliberation: Agency budget - Health Care Stabilization Fund Board of Governors;  Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

House Appropriations 9:00 am 112N
Budget report out - Chairperson Mason, Social Services Budget - Kansas Guardianship Program,  State Institutions for Intellectual Disabilities

House Commerce, Labor and Economic Development 1:30 pm 346S
Hearing: House Bill 2745 — Providing that military spouses of active military servicemembers shall be exempted from all occupational licensing, registration and certification fees

House Education 1:30 pm 218N
Final action: House Bill 2644 — Establishing uniform interest rate provisions for service scholarships administered by the Kansas board of regents that have repayment obligations as a part of the terms and conditions of such scholarship and authorizing the Kansas board of regents to recover the costs of collecting such repayment obligations and charge fees to cover the costs of administering such scholarship programs. 
Final Action: House Bill 2645 — Amending the nursing service scholarship program to remove limits on the amount of awards and number of scholarships, remove the sponsorship requirement, modify the interest rate terms for repayment obligations and abolish the nursing service scholarship review committee. 
Final Action: House Bill 2646 — Modifying the financial limitations on awards under the Kansas hero's scholarship act and broadening the eligibility requirements for such awards. Final Action: 
Final Action: House Bill 2539 — Removing the Kansas residency requirement for eligibility for a Kansas promise scholarship and modifying the definition of part-time student under such program.

House Higher Education Budget 1:30 pm 281N
Budget Recommendations: Washburn University; Community Colleges; Technical Colleges; University of Kansas Medical Center

House Social Services Budget 3:30 pm 152S
Hearing continuation: Recommendations for the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services

Tuesday, Feb. 20
Senate Public Health and Welfare 8:30 am 142S
Hearing: Senate Bill 490 — Updating certain provisions of the optometry law relating to scope of practice, definitions and credentialing requirements.

Senate Ways and Means 10:30 am 548S
Budget Reports: Healthcare Stabilization Fund Board of Governors; Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

Senate Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services 12:00 P.M. 548S
Deliberation: Agency budget - Kansas Department of Health and Environment; Kansas Department for Children and Families

Senate Utilities 1:30 pm 548S
Hearing: Senate Bill 487 — Authorizing counties to contract with other counties to share 911 public safety answering point services and authorizing the distribution of 911 fee moneys to counties for such purposes.

House Federal and State Affairs 9:00 am 346S
Discussion & action: House Bill 2667 — Concerning the lottery operating fund, increasing transfers to the community crisis stabilization centers fund and the clubhouse model program fund of the Kansas department for aging and disability services.

Wednesday, Feb. 21
House and Senate on floor

Thursday, Feb. 22
House and Senate on floor

Friday, Feb. 23
House and Senate on floor